How to Submit a Ticket

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Need support with a Nexon game? Here’s how you can create a ticket at the Nexon Player Support Center.

Navigate over to our Nexon Player Center where you will not only find a portal to all our Nexon games, but also a general FAQ that features helpful information on a wide variety of subjects.

You can scroll through the list of Nexon games and select the title you need assistance with, and click on it to be taken to the support center for the game of your choice. For this walkthrough let’s look at MapleStory.

Here and on all the Nexon Game support pages you will find specific FAQ categories. These FAQ’s are a great resource that is frequently updated with information on MapleStory and can answer your questions concerning gameplay, your account and technical issues.

Account Related: Features articles related to your account such as retrieving your password, logging in or appealing a ban.

Gameplay: Features articles related to anything within the game world from the NPC’s to Gear and items, Events and even Contests. You can find a lot of useful information about the world in this section.

Technical Support: The Technical Support section features guides on troubleshooting issues you may come across and steps on resolving issues. You will also find error codes and helpful images to get you back in the game.

Billing Services: Under the Billing Services section you will find articles related to error codes when purchasing NX or items in the Cash Shop as well as other currencies related matters.

Report Abuse: Here you will find articles related to reporting players, user abuse and preventing scams, phishing and hacking.

You can click on each of the categories to look at the current articles or use the search box and type in key words to find articles related to your issue.


Keep in mind this FAQ is constantly being updated and new articles are frequently added. It is recommended to check the knowledgebase first when you have a question, encounter an issue or before you submit a support ticket as you may find exactly what you are looking for.

If you were unable to find what you were looking for via the FAQ’s, please submit a service ticket by clicking on the “Submit A Request” button at the bottom of the article page.

Once you do, you will be asked to log in with your Nexon Email or ID and your Nexon Password. If you do not have a Nexon account, you will be asked to create one. You cannot submit a ticket unless you have an account and are logged in to the account.


When you log in you will have the choice to select from five categories.

  • Account Related
  • Billing Services
  • Gameplay Issue
  • Report Abuse
  • Technical Support

Now, as you read above under the FAQ descriptions these categories are designed to help you tell us what you need assistance. Sometimes your issue might not fit exactly into any of these categories or they my cross over into more than one of them and that’s ok, just try to think which one best fits your issue and select it.

In this example let’s say you selected Gameplay issue.

Next you want to add a subject. It is important to try and summarize the issue into a subject such as “My Character is stuck after completing a Quest.” While this is a general statement it lets us know right away your character is stuck and it happened after you finished a quest. Next you would select from another drop down menu that has more options based on the Gameplay category.

Now there was not a specific option for stuck characters, but there was an option for Character/NPC Issues so you would select that option and then in the next box provide as much detailed information as possible.

We understand that typing out information isn’t fun, but the more information you provide the faster we can pinpoint the issue and find a solution. Unfortunately, when we receive little or no information it can prolong our investigation and we will need to contact you for more information which will delay getting you back in the game.

Another way you can assist us is with the attachment feature.

Here you can attach screenshots of issues, Dxdiag reports of your computer and other information that can help speed up the process of our investigations to resolve your ticket faster.

Once you have filled out all of the information click on the submit button and your ticket will be sent to our support team, who will respond to you as soon as possible.

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