Repair the Nexon Launcher

If you are experiencing issues with your Nexon game and you use the Nexon Launcher you can perform a feature called a “Repair Installation.”


This feature will repair or replace damaged or missing files within your Nexon Game folder.

To begin this process, first run the Nexon Launcher by clicking on its icon.

Once the launcher is open, you will need to click on the three dots on the top right of your Nexon Launcher, next to your profile name.


From there, choose "Settings" and then select the "Game Configure" option on the left panel.

Select the game that you wish to perform a Repair Installation on. For this example, we will choose Mabinogi.


Click on the "Repair Installation" button within the Game Configure tab. When you click on Repair Installation you will receive a message that will ask if you wish to continue. Click 'OK'.


Once you click OK, the repair installation will begin running and will verify the files within the game folder and check for any missing or damaged files. If it finds any, it will download those files and/or update them. Once it is complete the normal play button will return and you may launch the game normally.


If you use other methods to play your Nexon Games and are experiencing issues we recommend you uninstall your current version of the game and then download the Nexon Launcher and then re-download the game using the Nexon Launcher in order to take advantage of its updated features.

Below is other information you can find in the Nexon Launcher settings:

Open Game Location: This will open the folder when the main game files are located on your computer.

Add to Windows Start Menu: This will add a shortcut to the Start Menu within Windows

Create a desktop shortcut: This will add a desktop shortcut of the games launch icon to your desktop screen.

Repair Installation: This feature will repair or replace missing or damaged files within your games folder.

Uninstall: This will uninstall the specific game from your system.

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