What do I do if I get Error -60001?

Error code 60001 states. “This transaction has been determined as high risk causing the verification process to fail. Please ensure that your PayPal billing information is correct and no methods are being used to misrepresent your billing location."

This error code likely means that our verification system has deemed your transaction as a high risk for a fraudulent charge.

When charging NX Cash via PayPal, please be sure your current location matches your billing location. Misrepresenting yourself and your payment method, the use of proxy services, and false PayPal account information will be detected by our system and used as a basis to deny the attempted charge as fraudulent.

We suggest that you contact PayPal to verify your billing information matches your geographical location.

In addition, if you are using a prepaid credit card, this may conflict with PayPal.

PayPal error issue buying NX error code 60001