Global Migration FAQ’s

Global Migration FAQ’s


  1. Why is the European service being migrated?

This migration is part of our ongoing commitment to better position the company for growth across the Western market.

In addition to bringing all Nexon Europe and Nexon America MapleStory players onto the same service, this migration will combine billing, customer support and other player-focused services. When the migration of the Nexon Europe MapleStory service is completed later this year, European MapleStory players will be getting all the latest content updates even faster than before.


  1. What does this mean for me?

If you are a Nexon America player, there is no real impact to your service. Once the game migration phase is completed later this year, the existing Europe MapleStory and Vindictus servers will be available to you when you log into the game. This will allow you to create characters to play with your European friends if you wish to do so.

As a Nexon Europe player, there will be some behind-the-scenes actions to migrate your account to the new service. First, you will need to opt into the new Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and then we will be able to migrate your Nexon account, NX balance, and character data to the new service. The exact migration of these elements will happen in phases, with the initial account migration phase beginning tomorrow, June 8.

Your email can be the same one used for your Nexon Europe account, or any other email as long as it has not been used to register an account with Nexon America.   Once this is done, the account migration will be complete and you will be able to log into your migrated account through the Global Launcher. 

If you are a Nexon Europe player, you will not be able to play MapleStory, Vindictus, or Combat Arms immediately using the Global Launcher.  Announcements on when the service for each game will be available will be given at a later date.  You will still be able to play these games on the EU launcher until each service has been migrated over to the Global launcher, but you must log in with the new “Global” account you created.


  1. Which games will be affected with the migration? How will the migration affect the supported regions for MapleStory, Vindictus, etc?

MapleStory, Vindictus, War Rock, and Combat Arms players:   After your account has been migrated, you will not be able to play these games using the Global Launcher until that game has been fully migrated.  Announcements for each game will follow at a later date.  The European service will still continue to operate during the migration period, and you will be able to play those games using the EU launcher until those games have been fully migrated.  

Please keep in mind that current European MapleStory and Vindictus players will only be able to play on the new GMS/GVS service if they opt-in to the new service and accept the new Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.  We can legally only allow access to players who opt into the new service, so if you don’t opt in, you will not be able to play MapleStory or Vindictus once the transfer takes place, until you accept the new terms.

  1. Will my European NX totals and cash shop purchases carry over with the migration?
From August 10th, 2016 and onwards Nexon Europe games will be integrated into the Nexon
Global Service ONE BY ONE, Combat Arms will be the first game to be integrated.
If you are a Combat Arms player as well, you will be asked to transfer your Nexon Cash
balance and your account’s Nexon Cash balance will be moved to the new Nexon Launcher.
You will no longer be able to purchase/spend Nexon Cash anymore with the account on any
of the games using the Nexon Europe Launcher once you’ve approved the move of the
Nexon Cash balance.

Please be advised that if you are playing multiple games which are not migrated at the
same time, you won’t be able to purchase/spend for one of these games until the
migration for this game has been completed as well.

Example scenario:
You’re both a Combat Arms and Vindictus player and Combat Arms is migrated to
the new Nexon Launcher sooner than Vindictus. When you start Combat Arms through
the new Nexon Launcher, you will be asked if you would like to transfer your Nexon Cash
to the Nexon Launcher.

Approve transfer: If you agree to transfer your Nexon Cash balance,
you will no longer be able to purchase/spend Nexon Cash in Vindictus until
Vindictus is migrated.
Reject transfer: You will not be able to purchase/spend Nexon Cash in Combat
Arms until you agree to transfer your Nexon Cash.

*If you reject with the transfer, you can still transfer your Nexon Cash at a later time.
The pop up with the request to transfer your Nexon Cash will appear each time
you log into the new Nexon Launcher, until you approve the Nexon Cash transfer.

**Please note that if you’re only playing one game that uses the Nexon Europe
Launcher, there will be no impact, which means that you can purchase/spend
Nexon Cash until the service merge completion.

***Please be advised that the Nexon Cash balance transfer should be completed before
the deadline. The exact due date (until when you can transfer your Nexon Cash balance)
will be announced separately later on.

The Global Service differentiates NX obtained through PayPal/Credit Card (defined as NX Credit) and Prepaid Cards (defined as NX Prepaid).  Your NX totals at the time of migration will be split into NX Prepaid and NX Credit based on how the NX was obtained.   There are restrictions for transactions using NX Credit, please refer here for more details.

Your cash shop purchases will be transferred once the specific game migration has been completed.


  1. When can we expect the migration to take place from the European Service to the Global Launcher? Will there be any service downtime?

The European Service will experience downtime during the migration period.   The schedule is as follows:

-Fall 2016 (Tentative)

Titles will be migrated one by one to the Global Launcher, with additional details in the future.


  1. Is there anything I need to do on my end before the migration?

No prior preparation is needed before the migration for either European or North American players besides opting in for the new services (EU players only).


  1. As a European player, where will I need to go for game announcements and community after the migration?

All announcements for your favorite titles will appear on the Global Launcher, which will include links to official websites, forums, and social media channels.


  1. With the migration, will I be able to merge a North America and Europe account? Will I be able to transfer a character between servers?

No.  You will not be able to merge a European account with an existing North America account.


  1. What happens if my game has been migrated to the Global Launcher and I didn't create a Nexon Global Account in time?

Once your game has migrated to the Global Launcher, you will receive a notification upon logging into the Europe Launcher. You will still be able to set up your Nexon Global Account and upgrade the Europe Launcher to the new Global Launcher.

If you experience any issues with this, please contact our Customer Support Center.


  1. I have an account in Nexon America and in Nexon Europe. Will they become one in the Nexon Global Accounts?

If you have an American and a European account, they will become two separate Nexon Global Accounts. If both accounts use the same email address, you will receive a prompt to change your email address when you update your account to a Nexon Global Account.


  1. I logged in with my Facebook account. How will the migration work for me?

The first time you login with your Facebook account, you will have the opportunity to update your account to a Nexon Global Account.  You will be asked to provide an email address to associate with your new Nexon Global Account.

It will not be possible to log into the new Nexon Global Account or the Global Launcher with your Facebook account. After you have updated your account to a Global Account, you will be able to login with your email address immediately.


  1. What will happen with my game and personal data?

During the migration you will get a prompt for the new policies and agreements. Please read them carefully to be fully informed. We can ensure you that your data will be handled with high security standards and will only be used for the purposes mentioned within the policies and agreements.


  1. Will the games of Nexon Korea also be available?

No. Currently, Nexon Korea games will not be accessible with the new Global Launcher.


  1. My favorite game is not listed as a game which will be migrated. Where can I find more information on this?

Please visit the website for your specific tile in question, which will contain appropriate answers.


  1. If I have an open ticket on the Europe server, will it be serviced or will I need to open a new ticket? Moving forward, where will I need to go to open a new support ticket?

For the time being, continue using the Customer Support portal for your region. Once migration is complete, we recommend that you file new support tickets at that time for any outstanding issues.


  1. What will happen to the Europe community forums and social channels?

For the forums, we are in the process of migrating all to a new Global Forums platform. This process has already been in process for our newer titles such as First Assault, Riders of Icarus, and LawBreakers, but we will eventually migrate our current forums for other titles to this new platform. Dates for each individual forum are unknown at this time.

For the Social Channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more, we are in the process of combining those pages into one large global page which will serve the needs of our new Global Service. A date for the completion of this merger is unknown at this time.


  1. How will the migration affect future updates and maintenance?

Updates to our titles within the Global Launcher will continue as they have in the past. There may be some extended maintenances that will occur, but aside from that, service will be updated and have maintenance performed on a similar cadence to our current schedule.


  1. What will happen to the GM’s across each service?

This conversation is still on-going for the upcoming migration, and we’ll provide an update once more information is known.


  1. [MAPLESTORY ONLY] Are there plans to perform a World-Transfer Event directly with the migration?

There are no current plans for this.


  1. [MAPLESTORY ONLY] Will the European and North American regions culminate in having the same content?

Once the game migration is completed, the Content and Events will be the same and further details on item differences are still being reviewed at this time. There may be the case that a few EU only systems and items will be removed and compensation will be made where necessary.


  1. [VINDICTUS ONLY] Will the European Server continue to be an XE server, or will they adopt the North American Premiere Service?

The European Service will be adopting the North American Premiere Service.


For any additional questions, please file a CUSTOMER SUPPORT TICKET


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